Gods and Monsters Network

Hello, I am the admin. If you want to apply to my network or have questions look at the links above. I am an indie-ish/personal blog. Its kinda hard to explain, but it manages to look awesome haha. I looove music, i'd like to say I have an awesome music taste because of my large viraity of music genres I like. Oh and I follow back if you ask!

if you want to be in this network please look at first box

Humble member of the network. I dont think my blog really has a type (maybe awesome lol) but its a vertical blog for the most part. Hope you love it as much as i do. oh and my music taste is pretty good if you ask me.

hey my names taylor, and i’m a vertical/vintage blog. i’m trying to be a pale blog but i need a new theme allowing faded posts! follow me and message me if you want a follow back! i think my blogs pretty cool and i hope you do too. i do promos a lot, if you ever want to do a promo or anything message me!

Hi, Im Madison and I am a vertical/personal/vintage blog. I would love for you to check it out and follow. Im very active and I will always talk to my followers about anything, I love you all ♥ x

Hai, i’m Danielle. I have a chill/scenery/japanese blog. so follow me! I’m optimistic & a skeptic. I can sit for hours dreaming about impossible realities. i consider myself a wave in the ocean. sometimes it’s gentle, but when a hurricane comes, all hell breaks lose. lol. <3